Livakka Slurry injector


The KIVI-PEKKA Slurry Injector is an innovative and environmentally friendly way of delivering slurry to Your fields. More durable than other available solutions, the frame is hitched up to the axles of the tank.



– Power Steering

– Hitching System

The separate chassis driving system allows You to make smaller turns in corners. Reserving is easier with the steering wheels.

The slurry injector is hitched to the chassis of the slurry tank. The adjustable injector line can move in all directions, and so glide over very different field conditions.

– One Disc Adjustment

The one disc construction allows injection of the slurry to a depth of 3-8 cm. All discs are fitted with SKF bearings. The disc suspension makes it easy for the discs to pass over obstacles.

– Levelling Plates

Levelling plates are attached behind the injection cones, flattening out undulations on the surface, for example those made by moles.

– Distribution System

The HARSO distribution system ensures steady and undisturbed delivery of the fertilizer through 50 mm pipes into the soil.