Tank basic features

Livakka slurry wagons have been manufactured for decades and the brand is one of the famous in Finland. This is due to the strong know-how in slurry machines, long life of products, domestic and reliability. Products are developed all the time, that they meet today’s requirements for agriculture. Today Livakka slurry wagons are divided into two collection on the basis of their frame and axle structure: Livakka Light and Livakka Pro. You can find more information about slurry wagon models from their own website.


The tank and its basic features are similar on both slurry wagon collection and belong to slurry wagon delivery as standard. We have taken into consideration the user’s safety and comfort by removing all of the items that require maintenance work inside the tank. The photos below show the tank and its basic features. Please check them and you can always ask more information from our sales!


Tank shape

The tank shape is always round without extra corners to collect dirt and slurry. The round structure of the tank makes it strong and rotationally rigid. There are section plate on the front of the tank and also baffle plates inside the tank to restrain slurry movement and to increase extra rigidity of the tank. The tank diameter is 2000 mm and plate thickness 6 mm. The seams are welded on both sides. Surfaces are steel shot blasted to ensure proper paint adhesion. The interior of the tank is given an epoxy coating to protect against corrosion caused by slurry. Exterior surfaces are given a polyurethane topcoat, which offers high UV-resistance.


Weight transfer system

The tank comes standard with a weight transfer system, which ensures proper balance: the front section of the tank is compartmentalised and does not receive any discharge air until the rear section has been emptied. In practise this means that there is space for 4 m³ (= 4000 kg ) slurry on the front of section plate and this weight stay on front part so long until the back side of the tank is empty.



Auxiliary frame

Tank equipped with its own auxiliary frame. The angle form of the auxiliary frame tilts the tank forward to ensure than all slurry runs into the spreader pump.





Spreader pump

PTO-driven spreader pump is located at the front of the tank. The impeller is 5-bladed and shaft diameter is 40 mm. Spreading capacity 5-7 m³ / min. There is a cleaning hatch and tap for empting on the spreader pump. Maintenance works has been made user-friendly and safe, because it is possible to maintain the impeller and bearings from the outside of the tank.



Inner mixing

Internal tank mixing and manual slurry volume adjustment. The slurry flow can be controlled to mixing or spreading function by 6″ 3 way valve. Mixing function: the slurry flow from the spreader pump to 6″ 3-way valve and from there to pipe inside the tank, which makes slurry mass circulating in the tank. Spreading amount is possible adjust by using adjusting plate on 3 way valve. Then cylinder open the 3-way valve flap just required and rest of slurry mass flow back to tank along the mixing pipe.


Filling level indicator

Flange mounted filling level indicator, which is made of stainless steel. The sensor, which is shown on the photo, doesn’t belong to basic equipment. The slurry wagon is equipped with this sensor if there is Premium control package on the wagon. The sensor send information about filling level situation to the display.



Curved mudguards with work platforms and service steps.







Top maintenance hatch

Top and side maintenance hatches are practical, when you want to clean or ventilate the tank or check its interior surfaces. The cover of top maintenance hatch is equipped with quick-release.




Side maintenance hatch

Side maintenance hatch.






Rear lights and overwidth lights

All of our lights are LED lights. Behind the slurry wagon are rear lights and overwidth lights are front and rear. The slurry wagon is also equipped with slowmoving vehicle warning triangle.