Kivi-Pekka Stone Picker

Kivi-Pekka stonepicker

The manufacturing facility of KIVI-PEKKA stone pickers is located in Rantasalmi in Eastern Finland, which is renowned for its´ stony fields, making it an ideal location for continuous development and vigorous product testing. Our dedication to ongoing development makes the KIVI-PEKKA a very reliable stone picking machine.

Efficient stone picking

KIVI-PEKKA rock pickers are manufactured in three working widths 4, 5 and 6 meters. The customers chooses the working size for his own needs. The lifting drum width of the 5 and 6 meter model is wider, which works better in very stony areas.

Clean stones

KIVI-PEKKA soil sieve reduces the amount of soil carried by the stones considerably. It leaves the soil where it belongs, in the field. The stones get cleaned and can be re-used as construction material or for roads. The sieving process happens in the tipping stage when the soil slips into the soil container, from where it returns back to the field. The new mesh rear wall has made the container even more durable.

Easy tow

  • The stone picker is attached to a tow bar and the working depth is adjusted with the hydraulic drawbar
  • The tow bar attachement reduces pto shaft wear and the working depth stays stable even in the most difficult conditions.
  • The tow bar model is stable on onroad conditions
  • Stump jumper, located on the machines end of the tow bar helps Your KIVI-PEKKA “jump” over permanent obstacles and stops the tractor weight stressing it.

Finnish quality

The KIVI-PEKKA is manufactured with care from durable steel components and comes with a one year warranty. All materials are made from quality Finnish steel.

• The special sieve design reduces stone lodging and lifting-drum tine wear

• The KIVI-PEKKA power is transmitted via drive belts that absorb the shock from the stones


• Tool and spare part container

• Crow bar

• All pto shafts

• Soil container

• Draw bar attachement with hydraulic pto shaft with extension hose • Tyres 560/60 x 22,5 standard single axle


Rotation guard

In dusty conditions the visibility to the KIVI-PEKKA can be reduced to zero. With the rotation guard the operator can observe the rotor and lifting drum.

Rotor lift

You can get an optional rotor lift mechanism for the KIVI-PEKKA. Lift is achieved with one single-acting hydraulic cylinder. It raises both rotors simultaneously. Locking to the top position is with mechanical locks, which are released by a rope. There is no need to disconnect pto shafts or wires. The KIVI-PEKKA is adjusted for work and transport from the comfort of the cabin.

Strong tines

When choosing a strong tine, the lifetime is three times longer than the one of a standard tine. Tines are the most wearing parts on the machines, but with this tine You keep the costs down.

More optional extras

• single axle 710/45-22,5 or 700/45-26,5 ELS

• double axle 400/60-15,5 ELS, 500/50-17

• sieve sizes 30,35,40,50 mm

• for special farming different sizes of the container grid


3700 kg 3900 kg 4000 kg
4 m 5 m 6 m
25 – 300 mm 25 – 300 mm 25 – 300 mm
700 kg/min 1000 kg/min 1200 kg/min
1.5 – 2.0 m3 1.5 – 2.0 m3 1.5 – 2.0 m3
22.5×550 22.5×550 22.5×550
195 x 14 195 x 14 double axl 195 x 14 double axl
19 kW 21 kW 23 kW
1-6 km/h 1-6 km/h 1-6 km/h
18 pcs 28 pcs 28 pcs