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PEL-Tuote will be presenting its new 3.3-meter-wide Kivi-Pekka stone picker together with ISOBUS control for bigger models at SIMA, the Paris International Agribusiness Show. The Kivi-Pekka 3.3 represents PEL-Tuote’s simplest and most affordable stone picker without compromising performance. The new ISOBUS features in turn make using the biggest Kivi-Pekka stone pickers even simpler and more effective.

“Agriculture is becoming more efficient all the time, and our customers have expressed a wish for even more powerful and user-friendly stone pickers. At the same time, demand is also growing for more affordable and agile yet still effective stone pickers,” says Mikko Lappalainen, CEO of PEL-Tuote Oy. The new Kivi-Pekka 3.3 stone picker does not use rotors, as on bigger Kivi-Pekka models. Instead, stones are picked into a 2-meter-wide lifting drum using s-spike tines. The wide lifting drum enables a high working speed. Thanks to the absence of moving parts, the structure is extremely simple, reliable, effective and economical. Although the working width is considerably narrower than on bigger Kivi-Pekka models, which have a working width of 4 to 7 meters, the working speed and size of the hopper are the same as on the bigger models. The Kivi-Pekka 3.3 can also be operated with a small 60-horsepower tractor with one single-acting hydraulic output. The low power demand and easy maintenance also reduce operating costs. “In addition to traditional farming and contracting, the Kivi-Pekka 3.3 is very suitable also for landscaping, viticulture, landscape maintenance and special cultivation. Often, this kind of machine is also shared among several farms.” In addition to the Kivi-Pekka 3.3, the model range includes stone pickers with a working width of 4, 5, 6 and 7 meters. PEL-Tuote has over 35 years of experience in manufacturing stone pickers, which are exported to over 60 countries around the world.

ISOBUS control makes work easier and more effective

PEL-Tuote will also be presenting ISOBUS control and other new features on its bigger Kivi-Pekka stone picker models at SIMA. These include, for example, redesigned tipping, hydraulic rotor lift, Flex Drum lifting drum and transmission. The optional ISOBUS control and other new features are available on stone pickers with a working width of 4, 5, 6 and 7 meters.

Stone pickers with ISOBUS control measure the working depth by means of an ultrasound sensor and adjust the depth automatically. If stones begin to pile up too fast, the machine automatically lightens the rotor and raises the Flex Drum. Once the congestion has cleared, the rotor and lifting drum return automatically to the original position. In the headland, the automatics lift the machine and pause the PTO at the press of a button. The automatics also lift the machine when the tractor reverses or the PTO is disengaged.

“Working with an ISOBUS stone picker is easy and lets you work long days without getting tired. The automatics also prolong the service life of components by preventing excessive wear. In addition, the ISOBUS terminal displays service reminders and working time, which is a big help for contractors and users who share equipment,” says Mikko Lappalainen.

ISOBUS control provides two factory presets and two memory settings. Tractors with an ISOBUS Aux controller can bypass the automatics in challenging conditions. The ISOBUS system on Kivi-Pekka stone pickers has AEF certification for compatibility with different tractors.

The new Kivi-Pekka 3.3 stone picker and ISOBUS features on bigger stone picker models will be unveiled to international audiences for the first time at SIMA, the Paris International Agribusiness Show, from 6 to 11 November 2022. Kivi-Pekka products will be on display at the PEL-Tuote Oy stand, F032, in Hall 6.

Further information:
Mikko Lappalainen
+358 40 550 8115

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