Flex features:

1. Lightweight
2. Automatic level adjustment on the middle frame for optimal contour adjustment
3. One Alrena Exact distributor ( with stone / debris trap
4. The electro-hydraulic control block can be assembled in advance
5. Folds simply and compactly behind the vehicle
6. The trailing shoes can be raised, preventing soiling of headlands, streets, and agricultural roads
7. Easy installation for every tank
8. Can drive up to 20 km/h in working position


The Flex Trailing Shoe system is a compact and lightweight slurry spreader available in working widths of 5.3 to 8.8 m. The system is easy to mount on any tank. The lightweight system makes it ideal for retrofitting tanks (see image).

The integrated automatic level adjustment system allows the trailing shoes, each with its own suspension, to adjust to the landscape. One exact distributor with a stone / debris trap ensures precise distribution of the slurry.

The Bomech Trailing Shoe technology enables plants to absorb nutrients from slurry faster and reduces leaf contamination. This ensures better quality feed and boosts the feed intake of cattle. Once the slurry has been deposited, the plant growth returns to its original position, minimising evaporation.

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