The comprehensive PREMIUM CONTROL PACKAGE is ideal for contractors. The equipment is controlled using a joystick and a clear, user-friendly 7” display. The user may select Finnish, Swedish or English as the display language.

Premium includes Load Sensing (LS) hydraulics, which use the tractor oil flow only when necessary, thus reducing oil overheating. The Premium control package also includes a high degree of automation, which makes working with a slurry tanker easier, faster and safer. The fill automation stops the pump crane automatically when the slurry tanker is full.

Turn-row automation can set the slurry tanker’s 3-way valve for mixing, raise the disc injector lift, and stop the distributor with the press of one button. After turning at the headland, the same functions will be restored in reverse order by pressing the button again, thus allowing spreading to resume without interruption. The spreader can also be maneuvered into the transport position using the same button.

With the display, the user can apply the disc injector constant pressure automation to adjust the disc tillage depth, with an adjustment interval of 25–80 bar.

Volume control automation is used to precisely control the desired amount of slurry to be applied on the field (t/ha), regardless of variations in running speed. The flow gauge measures the slurry flow rate in real time, regardless of the slurry quality.

Bogie locking automation makes road transports safe, as the bogie locks automatically when the speed rises above a set limit. The locking is also automatically released when the speed falls below the set limit. When reversing, the automation steers the bogie.

The run and spreading data collection function conveniently provides information on the amount of slurry spread, hours worked and kilometres run, for invoicing.

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Easy Control
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