Livakka hydraulic single disc injector

LHSD (Livakka hydraulic single disc) injector is a hitch arm-mountable (CAT III 4-point) distributor, which injects slurry to a depth of up to 10 cm. The slurry is injected directly into the substrate in an efficient and environmentally friendly way.

LHSD disc injectors are suitable for the spreading of slurry on turf, stubble and tilled substrates.

LHSD injectors come with Harsø vertical distributors fitted with offset cutters. The distributors also work effectively with viscous slurry containing a lot of hay and feed traces. The cutter blades are tempered and, if necessary, can be replaced, thus ensuring reliable, trouble-free operation for years of service. The coulter hoses are 50 mm in diameter, which allows for the injection of a large amount of slurry.

The disc injector has a three-section construction. The side sections are raised by cylinders and automatically locked with cylinder-operated latches. The injector offers ample ground clearance for transport due to the use of a hitch arm with wide travel and hydraulic coulter suspension. The 4-point hitch arm maintains constant pressure on the coulters.

  • 1-disc construction
  • 10 mm disk thickness makes an amply sized cut in the soil to allow for fast absorption
  • Disc diameter 40.5 cm – discs turn easily and are not prone to pulling up stones
  • Coulter spacing 27 cm
  • Well-sealed and reliable SFK bearings
  • Hydraulic suspension on each coulter ensures that they are evenly pressured and follow the contours of the terrain very closely.
  • Each coulter has a travel of approximately 30 cm, thus allowing it to pass easily over even large obstacles
  • Coulters can turn 30 degrees independently – curved runs will not tear up the ground
  • Optional hose lock function
  • Shaped nozzle directs the slurry precisely into the open furrow
  • A surface spreader can also be mounted on the disc injector
  • LED lights and a reflector triangle come standard
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