Towable disc injector

The Livakka towable disc injector offers an efficient and environmentally friendly means of applying slurry fertiliser into the soil. With a single-disc system, slurry is injected effectively and reliably in all conditions.

Thanks to its design, the disc injector can also be used with lighter-duty slurry tankers, as no separate hitch arm is required to operate the machine, nor is a separate frame needed for coupling. The machine is also easy to retrofit. The disc injector is never subjected to the weight of the slurry tanker, which greatly improves its durability. Its drawbar articulation allows it to move in line with the contours of the terrain, without coming into contact with the ground. The disc injector has a low-lying structure, which makes it stable also on a sloping terrain.

Thanks to its towable design, the disc injector has a low point load on the ground. Equipped with forced steering, the disc injector–trailer combination can also be reversed normally.

The injector’s functions are controlled on a 2.8” screen. It can be connected to both free-running tractors and those equipped with an LS pump. You can also select a turn-row automation system as an optional accessory, enabling you to set

the slurry tanker’s 3-way valve for mixing, raise the disc injector lift, and stop the distributor with the press of a button. After turning at the headland, the same functions will be restored in reverse order by pressing the button again, thus allowing spreading to resume without interruption. The spreader can also be manoeuvred into the transport position using the same button.

  • Connected to a tanker with its own frame – quick and easy to detach, when necessary
  • The injector has its own axle assembly – does not increase that tanker’s axle weight
  • The disc injector is articulated to allow lateral, horizontal and torsional movement, enabling it to follow the contours of the terrain independently of the slurry tanker
  • With the single-disc system, slurry can be injected to a depth of up to 10 cm – no great towing capacity required
  • The 455 mm disc diameter ensures that it turns easily also in challenging conditions, without bringing stones to the surface
  • Reliable operation on turf, stubble and tilled soil
  • Slurry is injected into a furrow via a nozzle
  • SFK bearings are extremely well sealed and reliable
  • Also in use in rotary tillers, the discs’ elastomer suspension system is reliable and can withstand heavy use
  • Levelling plates mounted behind the discs flatten any mounds (such as molehills) at the injection stage
  • Plates level the surface of ploughed area
  • Slurry is mixed with tilled soil more effectively, enabling it to work faster, and less nitrogen is lost to evaporation
  • The towable disc injector is equipped with two Harsø distributors and 50 mm hoses to ensure an improved slurry flow capacity
  • The hoses are as short as possible without unnecessary connections to minimise the risk of clogging and to make them quick to drain
  • When necessary, the machine can be operated at half the working width
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