Kivi-Pekka Multicultivator


We get a very flexible result on the field, because this machine combines two cultivation units in one. They also work independent from each other if needed. This is giving You flexibility in all kinds of conditions.

The subsoiling tines include a stone dislodging mechanism and are fitted into three separate rows, with a working depth from 0-20 cm. The discs, fitted into two separate rows, flatten and crush the soil to a depth of uo to 15 cm. The front and back wheels ensure that the multicultivator is always at the correct working depth. One process and the field is ready.

Transport wheels are in the centre of the machine, and allows You turns at very tight angles. The subsoiling tines and the discs can be used separately of each other .



The subsoiling tines with stone dislodging mechanism are placed in three rows. This ensures the best result in very stony and otherwise difficult conditions. The sweep shares cut up all of the ground and their working angle can be changed.

The discs have a simple but sturdy rubber suspension. They are fitted on a separate frame and You can change their working depth by means of a hydraulic cylinder.

The front wheels keep the multicultivator at a consistant working depth. The stable frame also allows the wheels to slip to the side.

The transport wheels , at the centre of the multicultivator guarantee stability in the field or on the road. The distance between tractor and transport is minimized to give more agility.

The two offset adjustable discs guarantee that the field is level.

The stone dislodging mechanism protects the cultivator shanks from expensive damages.

The wide sweep shares cut the ground through the complete width and mix the soil perfectly.

Stoppers can be fitted to control the working depth.

Subsoiling tines work from 0-20 cm

Subsoiling tines and discs work from 0-20 cm

Discs work from 0-15 cm

The standard model comes equipped with front and back lights