About us

PEL-Tuote started out 30 years ago with the manufacture of field chopper funnels, which were made as spare parts. The first real move toward a new way of doing business came with rock pickers, which the company began to manufacture in 1997. Customised rock pickers effectively collect stones from the field before or during sowing, thus protecting field machinery from wear and breakage. In addition to field use, rock pickers can also be used in road work, on golf courses and in landscaping. Today KIVI-PEKKA manufactures not only rock pickers, but also disc harrows, rollers and multicultivators.

The PEL-Tuote product line also includes a disc injector, which was developed in 2009. Our machine offering in slurry handling was expanded when PEL-Tuote acquired Livakka in 2013. Livakka slurry tankers have been manufactured since the 1970s and is one of the most well-known brands in Finland. PEL-Tuote continued with Livakka’s development and today we can offer our customers slurry tankers from the smallest surface spreader to the largest, most well-equipped contract equipment.

Our slogan “Finnish expertise from the rockiest fields of Finland” perfectly describes our company’s philosophy and way of doing things. PEL-Tuote Oy is located in Rantasalmi, amid a land of lakes and fields. Rocky fields and rolling terrain provide a demanding test environment for our products, right outside our factory doors. Our professional staff, which is very familiar with the needs of the agricultural sector, and the high percentage of Finnish-made components quarantee our customers that they are getting a high-quality Finnish product.

In Finland, we sell directly to the end user, except in Lapland, where sales are handled by Lakkapää Oy. Outside of Finland we sell through dealers. We currently export our product to over 50 countries, with approximately half of our turnover coming from exports. 

In 2017, PEL-tuote acquired a significant stake in Tume-Agri, which manufactures and sells agricultural machinery for sowing and cultivation. The products are marketed under the Tume and Hankmo brands, which are the best-known brands in their field in Finland and are sold to customers in more than 20 countries, Europe and Asia. PEL-Tuote sells machines in Eastern Finland, elsewhere in Finland the machines are sold directly from Tume-Agri’s factory in Turenki.