Light slurry wagons

The Livakka Light slurry wagons were designed to replace the standard Livakka pendulum bogie model. The new Light “farmer line” slurry wagons offer state-of-the-art slurry wagon features in both standard and optional equipment. Therefore, they are also suitable for the use of contractors.

The Light slurry wagons were designed with a new frame construction to reduce the total weight of the wagon, thus helping to protect the field. However, this lightness in no way compromises the wagon’s durability. A formed, high-profile U-profile is used as the frame member. The U-profile wall thickness is 10 mm and it is welded to the tank with a uniform seam. The drawbar is made of 5.9×9.8×0.49 in tubular steel. Uniform seam and sturdy supports makes strong combination of the tank and frame. Drawbar is same than on Pro slurry wagon collection. The tank and the slurry wagon standard equipments are presented on their own website and all of these features are also used in Light-slurry wagons. The low total weight, axle structure and short overall length make the slurry wagon nimble, but stable in the field and on the road.




Tank sizes are 2641 and 3170 gal. Axle is non-turning, equipped with brakes and flange-mounted to the frame. Standard tyre size is850/50R30.5. Excellent choice for a surface spreader or water wagon. Available as an optional accessory, the Easy Control hydraulics control package also allows for the mounting of a pump crane and disc injector.


Light 1-axleLight 1-axleFlange-mounted axleLight 1-axle




Tank sizes are 3698 and 4358 gal. Brakes are on both axle and rear axle is friction steerable, also leaf springs. Standard tyre size is 710/55R34. Easy-Control and Pilot-controls are available for this slurry wagon.


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