Pro slurry wagons

Livakka Pro collection is specifically designed for professional use, because these wagons are possible to equip with accessories the most widely way. Slurry wagons have a separate chassis and bolt-mounted tank. Available tank sizes are 3698, 4358, 4755 and 5283 gal.

3698-4755 gal slurry wagons are 2-axis when the rear axle is friction steered. Brakes are on all axles, leaf spring suspension. 5283 gal slurry wagon is 3-axis, when the front and rear axles are friction steered, brakes on all axles and leaf spring suspension. Drawbar suspension comes standard on 3-axis slurry wagon. Premium controlled slurry wagons come standard with force steering axles.

Standard tyre size is 710/55R34. Other tyre sizes are: 800/50R34 and 850/50R30,5.



The frame is designed to withstand; material of drawbar and frame is 5.9×9.8×0.31 in hollow, which is not giving up very easily. The drawbar is narrow, only 5.90 in and this makes tight radius turns possible. We use Scharmuller’s height-adjustable towing eyes on the slurry wagons. Also Scharmuller’s ball coupling is available as accessory. The bogie is bolt mounted to the frame. The space between frame balks is maked use of electric and hydraulic pipes, when they are well protected below the tank.


The hydraulic drawbar suspension

The hydraulic drawbar suspension alleviates the forces exerted on the tractor hitch. The cylinders work as springs and flexibility is about 11.81 in. The hydraulic drawbar suspension helps also unloading: the cylinders are driven to off- position (locked) and after that the tank is tilted forward and slurry flows to the spreader pump more efficiently. This is very useful function especially when spreading slurry to uphill. Drawbar suspension comes standard on 3-axis slurry wagons and as accessory for other wagons.


Fastening plate for lifting linkage

We use Zuidberg’s 4 -point lift arms on slurry wagons. The lift arm is bolt-fastened to chassis so that’s why there is always mounting plate on slurry wagons, then retrofit 4-point lift arm or injector is very easy.






Chassis and tank

The bolt-fastened tank: tank is equipped with its own auxiliary frame, which is lowered onto the frame balks. An elastomer bumper is placed between the auxiliary frame and frame balk to make a flexible structure and this feature saves structure of chassis and tank. The auxiliary frame, the elastomer and frame are bolted to each other. Also there is a reinforcing sleeve throught the frame balk. The bolt-fastened tank is possible change if needed.