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The KIVI-PEKKA is manufactured in Rantasalmi, right in the middle of some Finland’s stoniest fields. The stones found in our fields are mainly granite, which really puts our machines to the test and offers the perfect conditions for product development and testing. Kivi-Pekka is a stone picker that can be used to remove stones from fields before or after sowing as well as clear new fields of stones and wood.

By using a Kivi-Pekka stone picker, you will be able to avoid causing wear and tear on your other farming machinery. The Kivi-Pekka stone picker will also help increase your crop yield, as there will be no stones to restrict the cutting height when harvesting, prevent harvesting or damage your machinery.

The machine is customised and manufactured according to the customer’s specifications. The KIVI-PEKKA is suitable for use by small co-operative groups and contractors, thanks to its durability and speed. In addition to field work, the KIVI-PEKKA can also be used for land clearance, road renovation and foundation work, golf courses and landscaping. Kivi-Pekka stone pickers are now sold in 43 countries, where they are used to collect stones from fields covering hundreds of thousands of hectares.

The KIVI-PEKKA is manufactured with professional skill, using high-quality steel and thicknesses, which have been selected based on our over 30 years of experience. Our continuous product development emphasises the further improvement of our machines’ reliability and durability to meet the needs of constantly growing farms and contractors.

Kivi-Pekka stone picker does not require a a large tractor

The Kivi-Pekka stone picker does not require a high towing capacity (70 hp) or hydraulic capacity (5,3 gal/min or 20 l/min.) from the tractor.  You can run the stone picker with a small tractor, thus saving on fuel and costs and keeping your larger tractors available for jobs requiring more power.


Four working widths available

KIVI-PEKKA stone pickers offer four working widths: 13′ (4 m), 16,5′ (5 m), 20′ (6 m) and 23′ (7 m). The machine width is chosen according to its planned usage rate and the stoniness of the soil, thus making it the right machine for the right application. The KIVI-PEKKA 5, KIVI-PEKKA 6 and KIVI-PEKKA 7 each have a wider lifting drum, which operates more efficiently with a higher volume of stones.

Maximum stone size 20 inches (with Flex Drum accessory)

The KIVI-PEKKA Flex Drum makes it possible to collect larger stones than when using the standard lifting drum. The lifting drum transmission is mounted on its own frame. This allows the frame and entire lifting drum to rise up together, thus making it possible to pick up stones up to 20 inches (50 cm) in diameter. The hydraulic pressure accumulator in the Flex Drum assists in raising the lifting drum when it comes upon a large stone. The drum can also be raised into its up position manually using hydraulics. The Flex Drum suspension dampens shocks to the sieve and tines, thus extending their service life. Thanks to the Flex Drum, there is no need to reverse rotation – the drum is simply raised to pick up large stones without having to stop.

Pel-Tuote Flex Drum animation

The first photo shows the Flex Drum in its raised position while the second photo shows the movement of Flex Drum.


Kivi-Pekka is equipped with strengthened drive belts, and power is transmitted to the lifting drum via straight drive belts, which reduces the power requirement. The belts do double duty as an overload protection mechanism, while also absorbing the shock from the stones that come into contact with the machine, thus preventing it from affecting the tractor through the transmission. The belts are highly resistant to wear and tear and require very little maintenance. Because the drivetrain contains no expensive parts that need replacing, the operating costs of the Kivi-Pekka stone picker are kept low.

Kivi-Pekka 3-phase soil sieving system

Kivi-Pekka sieves soil in three phases:

  • Stones enter the machine over the sieve, which is located underneath the lifting drum.
  • When the stone is dropped into the stone tank, the accompanying soil drops through the bottom grate and back into the field.
  • The soil container, which is located behind a grate in the back wall of the Kivi-Pekka stone tank, sieves the soil during tipping.

In addition to this, the stones are cleaned, thus making it possible to use them as material for construction or roads. The stones are sieved during the tipping stage. Soil is dropped into the soil container and, from there, back into the field. The standard mesh size is 1,57 in (40 mm). Other mesh sizes (1,2 in, 1,4 in and 2 in)  (or 30 mm, 35 mm and 50 mm) are also available as optional accessories. The stone tank’s back wall and bottom boast a robust mesh design. The top of the stone tank is made of strong Hardox sheet metal.

Extra strong lifting drum tines

Kivi-Pekka’s tines are the result of years of product development. The standard tines are 0,47″x1,77″ (12×45 mm), which is ideal for use with the normal lifting drum (max. stone size 13,8″). Extra strong 0,51″x1,97″ (13×50 mm) tines are used with Kivi-Pekka stone pickers equipped with a Flex Drum, whose maximum stone size is 20″.

The tines are mounted on flexible rubber elements, thus offering lateral flexibility.


Kivi-Pekka includes the following standard equipment:

  • standard tyre size 560/60R22.5
  • all PTO shafts
  • sieve for the stone tank
  • sieve for the lifting drum
  • HD tines for the rotors
  • lifting drum tines
  • LED lights and ‘slow-moving vehicle’ warning triangle
  • Gauge wheels with walking tandems for all models
  • Tipping height: 9′ 6⅛″ (290 cm)
  • Hydraulic working depth adjustment
  • Tool and spare parts box
  • crow bar

Kivi-Pekka optional accessories:

Tyre options:

  • 710/45R22.5
  • 700/50R26.5
  • Walking tandems 500/50R17
  • Walking tandems 500/55R20

More optional accessories:

  • Hydraulic rotor lift
  • Flex Drum for 20″ (50 cm) stones
  • Extra strong lifting drum tines 1/2″x2″ (13×50 mm)
  • Rotation guard
  • Scharmuller K80 pick-up hitch
  • hydraulic or pneumatic brakes

Kivi-Pekka stone pickers technical specifications:

  Kivi-Pekka 4 Kivi-Pekka 5 Kivi-Pekka 6 Kivi-Pekka 7
Weight (lbs) 8 820 (4000 kg) 11 020 (5000 kg) 11 900 (5400 kg) 14 420 (6540 kg)
Working width (ft) 13 (400 cm) 16,5 (500 cm) 20 (600 cm) 23 (700 cm)
Size of stones (in) 1″ – 12″ or
2,5 – 35 cm 
1″ – 12″ and 20″ with Flex Drum
2,5 – 35 cm and 50 cm with Flex Drum
1″ – 12″ and 20″ with Flex Drum
2,5 – 35 cm and 50 cm with Flex Drum
1″ – 12″ and 20″ with Flex Drum
2,5 – 35 cm and 50 cm with Flex Drum
Efficiency 1 540 lbs/min (700 kg/min) 2 200 lbs/min (1000 kg/min) 2 645 lbs/min (1200 kg/min) 3 085 lbs/min (1400 kg/min)
Tank volume 53–70ft³ (1,5–2 m³) 53–70ft³ (1,5–2 m³) 53–70ft³ (1,5–2 m³) 106ft³ (3 m³)
Tire size  
Single axle 560/60R22.5, 710/45R22.5, 700/50R26.5 560/60R22.5, 710/45R22.5, 700/50R26.5 560/60R22.5, 710/45R22.5, 700/50R26.5
Bogey axle 500/55R20, 500/50R17 500/55R20, 500/50R17 500/55R20, 500/50R17 560/60R22.5, 700/45R22
Support wheels 195 x 14 195 x 14 bogey 195 x 14 bogey 195 x 14 bogey
Power requirement 70 hp 80 hp 80 hp  
Working speed 0,6–3,7 mph (1-6 km/h) 0,6–3,7 mph (1-6 km/h) 0,6–3,7 mph (1-6 km/h) 0,6–3,7 mph (1-6 km/h)
Lift drum tines 18 pcs 28 pcs 28 pcs 33 pcs
Tipping height (ft) 9′ 6⅛″ (290 cm)

9′ 6⅛″ (290 cm)

9′ 6⅛″ (290 cm) 9′ 6⅛″ (290 cm)

Kivi-Pekka stone pickers can be outfitted with a variety of optional accessories to make work easier.

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