Disc Harrow



The KIVI-PEKKA disc harrow fits for working in grass, before seeding, and straw. The disc harrow is attached by via tow bar and has been designed for average sized tractors. The KIVI-PEKKA disc harrow is available with four different working widths 9ft, 11ft, 13ft and (18ft folded). We recommend a 80 – 100 hp tractor for the smallest harrow.
The working results improve as the machine does not have to be lifted at the head of the field, saving time, money and excessive pressure on the field. Because the disc harrow is attached via the tow bar, the machine can be turned while driving. The result is therefore superior to that of a comparable harrow attached to the tractors hydraulic lift arms. The disc harrow sits either on its roller or in the working position so that the tractors wheels don`t exert excessive ground pressure in the corners of the field


Simple and heavy frame

The frame is made of RHS 7.87×3.93×0.31 in steel tubing, where for example on a 9ft model we reach a standard weight of 1 763lb/ft. There are also places for add-on weights. With its open, non-clogging construction it guarantees a well mixed soil. The disc harrow is fitted with rubber rollers at the back of the machine and the working width is adjusted with hydraulic working discs. The maximum working depth is 5.90in.


• Hydraulic drawbar

• Front and back lights

• Warning triangle

• Working depth scale

• Scraper for the rollers

• Hydraulic for the tow bar

• Side discs for different working depths

• 23.07in packer



• 31.4 in packer (works better in wet conditions)

• cross boards (11,14 and 16 pcs for the 9ft-11ft-13ft model ; size 3.14×0.39 in with 5.9in wearing part)

• secondary harrow

• place for more weight plates



DH 275
DH 350
DH 400
Working width in 9 11 13
Weight lbs with stand. equip. lbs 4 850 6 172 7 054
Weight lbs/ft with stand. equip. 2 624 2 624 2 624
Power reguired hp 80-100 hp 100-120 hp 120-150 hp
Disc size in 20.07 20.07 20.07
Number of discs 2 x 11 2 x 14 2 x 16
Distance between discs mm 9.84 9.84 9.84
Working result ha / hour 2,25-4,5 3,0-6,0 4,0-8,0
Packers full rubber 586/800 full rubber 586/800 full rubber 586/800