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    Allendale, Hexham
    Northumberland, NE47 9PY
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    Facts about Kivi-Pekka stone picker


    Contributes to better crops

    Prevents damage to other farming machinery

    Designed and built with 30 years of experience

    Kivi-Pekka rock picker is designed to remove stones and other solid objects from all types of soil. It removes stones efficiently and clears new fields of tree roots and branches. In addition to fields, Kivi-Pekka can be used for road foundation work, golf courses and landscaping.

    Save money, time and health

    Stones are traditionally removed from fields by collecting them by hand. This is not only time-consuming but, at worst, puts people’s health at risk due to poor working postures. To make matters worse, the end result is never as good as that attained by mechanical removal. Thoroughly cleared fields yield a better harvest, prevent damage to other farming machinery and lower repair costs.

    Kivi-Pekka stone picker is more efficient solution than stone rakes and stone buriers. Kivi-Pekka’s performance is in a class of its own: the largest model is able to collect stones from an area 7 metres wide. Output is up to 1500 kg per minute. The 290 cm tipping height allows the stones to be tipped even onto high dump trucks.

    Kivi-Pekka rock pickers are expertly manufactured from carefully selected steels and top-notch components.


    The durability of the machine has been achieved as a result of progressive product development over the past 35 years. The right materials and the best components keep running costs low.

    Kivi-Pekka 3-phase soil sieving system

    Soil collection allows the topsoil to end up back in the field. Cleaned rocks can be used in construction or road building, for instance.

    Kivi-Pekka separates the soil over three stages:

    1. Stone enters the machine over the sieve located under the lifting drum.

    2. Stone is carried to the tank, and the soil in the sieve structure is released back to the field.

    3. Any left-over soil slides into a separate container located behind the back wall of the stone tank, and gets released at the tipping stage.

    The sieve

    The welded sieve is made of special-alloy steel and is available with different spacings. The tines run between the sieve bars the entire length, thus keeping the sieve clean and preventing jamming of rocks.

    Hydraulic lift

    The lifting action is achieved with a hydraulic cylinder, which raises the rakes simultaneously. Mechanical locks secure them into the top position. The operator is able to position the picker in working or transport position from the cab.

    Strong tines and auxiliary springs

    All tine sizes give way sideways to prevent blockages. No backwards rotation is hence required. The 12×45 tines are particularly durable and contribute to extended maintenance intervals. All tines are fitted with auxiliary springs and suspended with rubber buffers.

    Optional accessorie

    ISOBUS control makes work easier and more effective

    Stone pickers with ISOBUS control measure the working depth by means of an ultrasound sensor and adjust the depth automatically. If stones begin to pile up too fast, the machine automatically lightens the rotor and raises the Flex Drum. Once the congestion has cleared, the rotor and lifting drum return automatically to the original position. In the headland, the automatics lift the machine and pause the PTO at the press of a button. The automatics also lift the machine when the tractor reverses or the PTO is disengaged.

    Working with an ISOBUS stone picker is easy and lets you work long days without getting tired. The automatics also prolong the service life of components by preventing excessive wear. In addition, the ISOBUS terminal displays service reminders and working time, which is a big help for contractors and users who share equipment.

    Kivi-Pekka 3,3

    An affordable, simple and effective solution​

    Kivi-Pekka 4

    Reliable and cost-efficient powerhouse

    Kivi-Pekka 5

    Long-time favourite

    Kivi-Pekka 6

    Ideal solution for large areas

    Kivi-Pekka 7

    Maximum efficiency and durability in a single machine

    Automatisation package to Kivi-Pekka

    Accessorize your stone picker with automation package. Working with an ISOBUS stone picker is easy and lets you work long days without getting tired. The consumable parts of the machine last significantly longer when the automation monitors that they’re not used in vain.

    Choose a stone picker model and read more.


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