Reliable and easy to use machine.

The strong and durable Kivi-Pekka rollers are now manufactured at Tume-Agri Oy‘s premises in Turenki under the name Virgo. The product has been further improved according to the wishes of the users. The machines are sold by both Tume-Agri and the PEL-tuote. The Virgo roller is designed to work on grasslands and fields which easily gets broken by other roller types.

The special made rubber drum avoids damages when hitting a stone and soften hits on the bearings. With this construction we save those damages on the Cambridge rollers and bearings, also a lot in time and money! With the Virgo roller you achieve a normal, leveled field construction and push the rocks back in the ground.

The roller is built in three sections. The transport happens on the middle drum. The wings are folded by hydraulics to the sides. They also press the out standings rollers on the ground to get the same ground pressure and are supported by accumulators, when hitting a rock. As an extra you can choose between hay tines and brake tines which You put in the front.

A pneumatic seeding unit with 8 feeding pipes can be adjusted with a 300 ltr or 500 ltr tank which automatically, not depending on the working speed, seeds the field. A 500 ltr tank is equipped with 16 feeding pipes.

The hay and brake tines help to longen the lifetime of your grass. Also all types of small seeds can be used on the Virgo 700. The hydraulically steared front tines open the fields surface carefully, and ensures the seeds good contact with the ground. The roller then presses the seed on the ground.

The hydraulic adjusted front tines and brakes make it in some cases possible, to skip other working steps. For example you seed directly after ploughing with this machine.

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